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Responses to the plan

All sectors and organisations are encouraged to consider The Queensland Plan and identify how they can ‘plug into’ this strategic framework. By working together in a coordinated way within and across sectors, we can maximise Queensland’s opportunities.

On this page you can read about responses from the Queensland government, local governments and business and industry.

Queensland Government response

The Queensland Government will lead by example in responding to the community’s vision by outlining its approach and contribution to implementation.

Coordinated by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and due for release in the coming months, the government response will:

  • identify specific strategies and actions that will make a contribution toward achieving the community’s 30-year vision and targets
  • articulate how the plan’s direction will help to inform policy, planning and service delivery
  • outline the government’s priorities over the short to medium term.

Local government responses

Local governments will play a key role in implementing the plan in their communities.

Councils understand the unique needs of their region and the critical paths for future growth and development. By integrating the community’s vision into their strategic planning and informing their operations, councils will make a significant contribution to achieving their community’s goals.

Whitsunday Regional Council has taken the initiative to show their alignment with The Queensland Plan in Whitsunday 2020 - Corporate Plan 2014-2019.

In addition, several councils have been proactively engaging their communities in creating long-term plans for their regions. Examples include:

Business and industry responses

Many sectors have considered The Queensland Plan and have started to identify how the community’s vision can inform the future development of their sector.

The Property Council of Australia (Queensland division) is one example, releasing Building a prosperous Queensland (PDF, 3.52MB) to show their alignment with core elements from the working draft of The Queensland Plan.

Get involved

There are many ways you can help achieve our vision. Visit our Get involved page to read a few suggestions related to each foundation area.

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