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About the plan

Throughout the engagement process Queenslanders were asked to describe their ideal future and indicate how it could be achieved. From this, nine foundations emerged.

Click on the following icons to learn more about each foundation including why it was included in the plan, Queenslanders’ vision for the focus area, and the targets and measures that underpin these.


Building life skills and inspiring bright minds.


Making connections.


Building thriving communities.


Forging diversity and prosperity.

Health and wellbeing

Being healthy and active.


Achieving balance.


Creating opportunities for everyone.


Being connected.


Balancing all our interests.

Foundation elements

The following elements are covered in the content of each foundation area:

Foundation areas

Nine foundations create the framework for The Queensland Plan. It is important to note the connections and interdependence of the foundation areas. Success in one area will directly affect another and require ongoing balance and prioritisation over the next three decades.

Goals and success factors

All foundations have a number of goals that highlight what Queenslanders said they wanted to be, do or achieve. Each goal (35 in total—labelled G1 to G35) is supported by a number of success factors that describe the outcomes Queenslanders want in detail.

Targets and measures

Each foundation has one or more high-level targets to focus our efforts towards achieving success. Targets (20 in total—labelled T1 to T20) will be tracked by one or more primary measures. They have been selected as lead indicators to monitor progress. Secondary measures complement the primary measures and will track different aspects and give a more complete record of progress.


Where available, baselines have been sourced from existing data sets as a starting point for future reporting.


Unless specified, infographics refer to Queensland data.

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