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Get involved – Environment

There are many ways you can help achieve our vision for Environment. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Individuals and families

  • Consider using other sources of energy, such as solar, to reduce emissions and power consumption and potentially lower your electricity bill.
  • Install water and energy saving appliances.
  • Volunteer for the Clean Up Australia campaign and help remove rubbish from our parks, streets, streams and beaches.
  • Remember to recycle. Check with your local council about how to recycle items that can’t be disposed of in your household wheelie bins.
  • Consider using plants that require minimal watering and reuse household water in your gardens.  
  • Buy local and in season produce where you can to reduce the carbon footprint of your food. 
  • Subscribe to environment information sources to learn about the latest clean energy solutions, recycling methods, and conservation efforts.
  • Keep pets inside at night to protect our wildlife.


  • Partner with government, business and not-for-profit organisations to protect and maintain our land, ecosystems and wildlife.
  • Sponsor a creek-bed or other site in your community and work with neighbours to keep it clean and healthy.
  • Promote and celebrate natural and cultural heritage sites in your region.
  • Organise a swap-meet in your neighbourhood to exchange unwanted or unused things or consider donating unwanted items to charity.
  • Start a conservation group in your community to protect natural assets for future generations to enjoy.
  • Host local gatherings to learn about how to care for the local environment and heritage places.
  • Contribute to government consultation processes on long-term planning in your community.
  • Organise group outings to national parks.

Business and industry

  • Consider moving towards a paperless office to reduce waste.
  • Use recycled and carbon neutral office supplies and equipment.
  • Find better ways to reduce waste and improve recycling.
  • Reduce your business’s impact on the natural environment by using alternative energy sources.
  • Use sustainable practices at worksites were relevant e.g. to manage erosion, remove waste and recycle packaging and construction materials.
  • Include environmental awareness and sustainable practises in training programs.
  • Develop a Sustainability Framework for your business.
  • Participate in Green Cross Australia’s Business Adaptation Network to build business and industry resilience to climate impacts.
  • Encourage the use of public transport and provide changing facilities for employees that walk, run or cycle to work.
  • Consider supporting a local environmental group or philanthropic partnerships to protect, enhance and restore the environment.


  • Ensure planning and future development protects and preserves areas of environmental significance.
  • Provide communities with dedicated and accessible green spaces.
  • Reduce red tape and work collaboratively with industry to balance economic activity with environmental protection.
  • Encourage locals and tourists to get outdoors and enjoy Queensland’s green spaces.
  • Support research in alternative energy solutions.
  • Ensure access to general rubbish and recycling bins in communities. 
  • Encourage sustainable building practices and take steps to make infrastructure energy and water efficient.
  • Provide clear guidance, information and support to individuals, families, business, industry and community groups to improve environmental outcomes.

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