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Get involved – Community

There are many ways you can help achieve our vision for Community. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Individuals and families

  • Share your cultural heritage with someone and find out about their history.
  • Lend a hand to a neighbour or offer your time to a community organisation as a volunteer.
  • Visit a historical museum or Indigenous art gallery or join in a cultural festival.
  • Establish an arts or crafts group to encourage community members to share their skills.
  • Participate in consultation processes on issues that affect your community.
  • Promote the value of education to younger generations and encourage them to take the initiative to challenge themselves.
  • Start a neighbourhood watch program in your community and look out for one another.


  • Think about how your club or community organisation can attract more members with diverse backgrounds.
  • Embrace the diversity of your community by developing a calendar of events that notes dates of cultural importance and celebrate these occasions.
  • Identify a small community-based project and bring the community together to see it to fruition.
  • Develop a skills inventory of community members who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise (e.g. gardening, woodwork, animal care, coaching or refereeing).
  • Join forces with neighbouring communities to explore new ideas and ways of working together.
  • Work with the local council to develop solutions to unmet needs in your community.

Business and industry

  • Consider how your business and your customers can benefit from a more diverse workforce.
  • Provide opportunities for employees from different age groups and cultures to share their wisdom and knowledge.
  • Strengthen your community connections to help grow your business.
  • Support employees who volunteer for not-for-profit organisations through flexible working arrangements.
  • Encourage and recognise employees who are actively involved in their communities.
  • Employ people from your local community.


  • Consult with communities to better understand local needs and how these can be addressed.
  • Encourage government employees to become involved in community organisations and activities.
  • Support cultural events and festivals in communities.
  • Offer information in a variety of languages.
  • Provide a meeting space for community members to participate in activities and feel connected.
  • Make sure local infrastructure is safe, well maintained and easily accessible.
  • Provide services that are flexible and accessible so those in need have equal access to support.





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